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Why pay more for the same quality?

Sadu is very competitive due to its excellent purchasing policy and low marketing expenses. Our competitors spent too much money on marketing to make their brand well known. At SADU we rather focus on balancing price-quality value and services.

That’s why you should choose SADU!

We can make your profit bigger!


NEW product- FT cutter

Sadu (www.sadu.com) offers complete assortment in diamond cutting tools and abrasives, specially for construction.

We act not only as one of the most important traders but also a consultant worldwide.

NEW! We have just developed this new fantastic laser-welded diamond cutting disc- Sadu FT cutter.

  • It is a real breakthrough for cutting all hard materials, reinforced concrete. 
  • It is a high performance disc - designed with special arrow form turbo segment, cooling holes and slots.
  • It cuts through hard materials like cutting butter!
  • Highly suitable for hand held petrol saw.

 The original Arrow Turbo segments in brand-new Sadu bond provides  a unique solution of smoothly cutting nearly all hard materials, including reinforced concrete, steel bars, hard granite, hard bricks, etc., as hard as you can imagine!