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Sadu: a trend – setter in Abrasives!

frontThanks to her over 30 year of experiences, Sadu can meet requirements of the most demanding European clients.

Talking about Sadu, we are not talking about the cheapest but good quality!

At Sadu, we always try our utmost to give our customers the most competitive prices !

One of our secret is we do not act as a normal trader, but we also work as an import – exporting company and find the best prices/quality for our clients.

Thanks to our hardworking attitude and support from our clients, we are proud to have exported our products over 26 countries worldwide.


Why work with Sadu?

  • Sadu offers you many advantages. We offers a complete range /assortment in accessories for power tools.
  • Sadu also offer industrial products to worldwide wholesalers
  • We can compete with A – brand competitors in the market
  • Sadu offers products for many different applications

For metal division:

Sadu cutting & grinding & flap dics

Sadu non woven products in different sizes and applications


construction market:

Sadu diamond tools


Sadu: your partner for now and the future

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