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Be SADU agents, customers, partners!

Sadu ( is a supplier for industry and construction.

We offer you excellent products with highly competitive prices and many other advantages.

Sadu: your partner for a complete range of diamond (cutting) tools and abrasives with different quality levels.

Be our agents, customers, partners!

Be part of our family and make your profit even bigger!!

NEW product- FT cutter

Sadu ( offers complete assortment in diamond cutting tools and abrasives, specially for construction.

We act not only as one of the most important traders but also a consultant worldwide.

NEW! We have just developed this new fantastic laser-welded diamond cutting disc- Sadu FT cutter.

  • It is a real breakthrough for cutting all hard materials, reinforced concrete. 
  • It is a high performance disc - designed with special arrow form turbo segment, cooling holes and slots.
  • It cuts through hard materials like cutting butter!
  • Highly suitable for hand held petrol saw.

 The original Arrow Turbo segments in brand-new Sadu bond provides  a unique solution of smoothly cutting nearly all hard materials, including reinforced concrete, steel bars, hard granite, hard bricks, etc., as hard as you can imagine!