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what is new at Sadu in 2014?

Sadu Abrasives (SADU) is a Belgian company existed more than 30 years. From the development, until production and delivery, SADU products are based on quality. Currently we are busy building our new catalogus which will be released soon in a few weeks.

For any request please feel free to contact us at or +32 3 7770728.


In the past SADU does not really focus our investment on marketing yet we strive our utmost to soon become a one-stop abrasives platforms for both worldwide wholesalers and retailers.
SADU – strong brand name – excellent quality – very competitive price
Diamond discs: We develop completely new ranges of products  for wholesalers and retailers. We have now special new types specially for landscape, garden and rescuing/emergency purpose.

Cupwheels: we have largest and unique assortment which nobody has it at the moment.
Our cupwheels can be used for all well-known machines such as Hilti, Makita, Festool, Bosch, etc,.

Sadu a total concept with high efficiency !!!