Sadu: a trend – setter in Abrasives!

frontThanks to her over 30 year of experiences, Sadu can meet requirements of the most demanding European clients.

Talking about Sadu, we are not talking about the cheapest but good quality!

At Sadu, we always try our utmost to give our customers the most competitive prices !

One of our secret is we do not act as a normal trader, but we also work as an import – exporting company and find the best prices/quality for our clients.

Thanks to our hardworking attitude and support from our clients, we are proud to have exported our products over 26 countries worldwide.


Why work with Sadu?

  • Sadu offers you many advantages. We offers a complete range /assortment in accessories for power tools.
  • Sadu also offer industrial products to worldwide wholesalers
  • We can compete with A – brand competitors in the market
  • Sadu offers products for many different applications

For metal division:

Sadu cutting & grinding & flap dics

Sadu non woven products in different sizes and applications


construction market:

Sadu diamond tools


Sadu: your partner for now and the future

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Why use Sadu Abrasives ‘ diamond discs?

Sadu diamond discs : for DIY and professionals are very popular in the market because our products are specially made with attention to details and our prices are rather competitive than the competitors worldwide.

Sadu Abrasives offers a comprehensive selection of Diamond Blades helping to meet every requirement in Industrial and Construction markets. At the moment, on our shop online  we have diamond blades for several types of jobs, cutting and machines: diamond blades for DIY , diamond blades for professionals, general purpose diamond blades, concrete diamond blades and diamond blades for stone.

Sadu flap discs

Why use Sadu Flap discs?

Sadu flaps are bonded by a special adhesive on a fibre glass backing.
There are 2 types of fiberglass base plates for different industrial areas.
The straight type is used particularly on surface grinding due to the straight arrangement of flaps.
The conical type is used on curved,lubricious and primed surfaces. Very suitable for edge grinding.
All the types are free of iron, sulfur and chlorine (Fe, S, Cl< 0.1 %).
There are several kind of flap discs. Quality depends on density, size, number of flap units.


For wood, metal and stainless steel.

Polycotton cloth – 70 % zirconium grain inside.
This is more specific product and gives very good performance on rough and tough applications, for example
when working on sharp edges.
The life of this product is longer, but needs more pressure, and need higher watt machines over 1.000 Watt.

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what is PCD blade?

PCD means: polycrystalline diamond tipped circular saw blade

Sadu offers PCD blades with following advantages

Higher durability and long life than normal carbide sawblades.

Fast cutting

More shock resistant.

Strong, smooth and accurate cutting.

Reduces dust

Specially designed blade with flat teeth and selfsharpened teeth.

For optimum performance use with electric power tools.


Koop dan 2 of 5 FT CUTTER diamantschijven bij Sadu Abrasives, Sint Niklaas!

De originele Arrow Turbo Segmenten met gloednieuwe binding bieden u een unieke oplossing voor het soepel snijden

van bijna alle harde materialen zoals gewapend beton, stalen platen, harde stenen, harde graniet, enz,


• Laser gelast.


• Met pijlvormige koelgaten.

• Zachte snit.

• Geluidsarm.

• Voor harde materialen, gewapend beton, stalen platen, harde graniet, harde bakstenen, enz.

Why use Sadu Abrasives – cutting discs?

Sadu Abrasives – cutting disc can be used for angle grinders.

Currently SADU ABRASIVES offers following diameter for cutting discs – diameter 115, 125, 150, 180, 230, 300 and 350 with thickness of 1,0; 1,6 ; 1,9; 2,0 ; 2,5 ;2,8 and 3,0mm.. SADU ABRASIVES cutting discs are available in 2 major forms: depressed cutting discs and flat cutting discs and are divided per applications: cutting discs for metal, for stainless stell and for stone. Standard cutting discs of SADU ABRASIVES is packed per 25 pieces. But we have also cutting discs packed per 10 pieces.

SADU ABRASIVES cutting discs for metals can be also used for structural steel, harden steel, concrete reinforcing steel.

SADU ABRASIVES offers cutting discs for metal which is suitable for following applications: solid materials,folded spiral seam tube , thin metal sheets and pipes , plastic laminated metal sheets , varnished metal sheet, seamless steel tube, structural steel and galvanized materials.

SADU ABRASIVES cutting discs for stainless steel can be also used for structural steel, high alloyed steel, stainless steel /nox , metal sheets.

SADU ABRASIVES cutting discs for stone can be also used for marble, concrete products, lime stones, artificial stone, asphalt.

SADU ABRASIVES offers cutting discs for stone which is suitable for following applications: tiles and roofing tiles.

SADU ABRASIVES cutting discs offers following advantages:

• Cutting disc with low development of burrs.
• Cutting disc with fewer sparks.
• Cutting disc with high cutting speed.
• Cutting disc with lower odor.
• Cutting disc for easier cutting.
• Long lifetime cutting discs
• Cool cut cutting discs

Angle grinder pads – Do you know how many people need angle grinder for different applications?


 Do you know how many people need angle grinder for different applications?

Sadu – the only company offers a complete range of plastics / rubber angle grinder pads  which fit most major brands of angle grinders.

Sadu’s angle grinder pads can be used for electro power tools, machine angle grinder,  for drilling machines, polishing machines, etc,.

Besides, Sadu can offer you a complete rang of rubber compounding polishing foam, natural bonnet, and sanding blocks for professionals seeking maximum power for work performance.

We can offer it with private labels and packaging! – upon MOQ

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